Photo Essay


Author’s Statement

In this photo essay, I set out to reveal the process of adolescent self-destruction and suicide and the many facets of its social media presence. In particular, I aim to target the jarring Facebook feature that enables your account to be “memorialized” post-mortem. This feature is supposed to make your Facebook wall a tribute to remembering your life, but in the event of a tragic death, does this do more harm than good? In my photo essay, I include screenshots of a Facebook profile that publicly pleads for help, posts cryptic status updates asking why it would matter if this person were to shoot himself. These updates received very few comments or reactions until after this person followed through with his suicide, and yet these are the posts that remain at the top of his memorialized account, reminding his family and loved ones that he had been screaming for help with no answer. This is just one of many depressed, addicted, or otherwise troubled young people who’s deteriorating lives and sanity can be tracked on their social media accounts, all the way up to their deaths.


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