Response to Complex “Play” by the Daedalus Gateway

This Daedalus Gateway article about MMORPGs brings up an interesting dynamic between the practicality of video games and the destructive, violent aspect of video games. This is highlighted in the beginning, with this introduction:

“Popular media caricatures video games as relentless and senseless violence, so it becomes easy for non-gamers and even academics to dismiss video games as not only pointless but perhaps even dangerous to society. MMORPGs, on the other hand, are surprisingly non-violent and offer many examples of complex play that involve social interaction, collaboration and long-term goals.”

This is a valid point about MMORPGs. The way that these games are structured promotes strategizing, planning, and working together with other players. These skills are invaluable. However, the rest of the article goes on to talk mostly about the nefarious projects players get into in some MMORPGs. Aside from the mention of virtual weddings, MMORPGs seem almost sinister at points in this article. Although video games can definitely be an educational tool, and it seems as though the overall goal of this Daedalus Gateway is to promote that idea, this post suggests that MMORPGs teach players that the economy is run by illegal activity, and that establishing a pharmaceutical brand should be the focus of a player’s gaming. Which, depending on the game, may or may not be true.


2 thoughts on “Response to Complex “Play” by the Daedalus Gateway”

  1. Not sure if we read the same article…Yee does mention pharmaceutical manufacturing, but also market trading and geological surveying, and even the former is not discussed as “nefarious.” Ultimately, his point here is about the great variety of activities players can get up to in these kinds of complex games, as opposed to more simple diversions found elsewhere.


  2. I agree that certain video games could have negative effects, especially on young minds. My question is, do these video games actually cause violent behavior in youths, or make them more aggressive? This article from ProCon details the history of violence in video games and even legal steps that have been taken against them: “An Aug. 2015 report from the American Psychological Association determined that playing violent video games is linked to increased aggression, but it did not find sufficient evidence of a link between the games and increased violence.” Aggression seems like something linked to these games, but perhaps stating that they cause violence is taking it one step too far. Either way, it seems like MMORPGs have much more positive effects on kids, and have no threat of causing violence or aggression, as a great alternative to the violent video games of today.


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