The Saga of Baba Fats edited by Brooklyn Birzin

In this digital story I wanted to convey how people tend to ignore the things that really matter in life in order to go after what feels good in the moment. I also wanted the rhythm on the photo sequence to collaborate with the vocal cadences, which seems to have been achieved nicely. Instead of choosing only photos that matched up with Shel Silverstein’s original “The Perfect High,” I decided to depict multiple kinds of self-destructive behavior. Aside from drug use, these included disordered eating, impulsivity, and allusions to suicidal ideation. This is because all of these things can lead to a person losing sight of who they are and what is actually going on around them, which I find is more pertinent to the original poem’s deeper message. I made some minor political allusions (a picture of Obama crying, a pro-Trump security detail, and a photograph of Syrian refugee children playing in their camp) as well, which I hope did not take over my piece, but instead served as symbols of the real world, values associated with human nature, and what is truly worth pursuing in this world.


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