Interactive Fiction

redemption beta version

Redemption 1.0

Redemption was my first attempt at an interactive fiction game. My goals were to make it more of a narrative based game than a cause/effect game, however it became slightly challenging to create multiple scenarios that could have the same outcome while keeping up a rich narrative. I attempted to add certain “conditions” along the way to allow players to evaluate how they are doing in the game, without necessarily telling them which choices to make. Overall this game was mostly about the challenges of adolescence, and taking players through a virtual simulation of just how off the rails some experiences with adolescence can be. Hopefully the game does not just confuse players, although I can see how that would be the outcome. Although this game is not necessarily based on my experiences in adolescence, and it does make some outlandish connections for the sake of comedy, everything in this game is something very real that can happen to children growing up and facing challenges. Obviously, many people get through their teenage life just fine– maybe they have some problems, a few bumps along the road, but mostly there’s not question that they remain overall well adjusted and happy throughout. This game is not about those people, although they are certaintly welcome to play it.


2 thoughts on “Interactive Fiction”

  1. The goal of this game is to get through middle school and the social/personal issues that come with it. The main game verbs/mechanics were choices of what to do, for example: I chose to give the gifts to my brother rather than keep them myself. The humorous wording and relatable but funny scenarios make this game fun. The only confusing part of the game to me was the goal. You get the idea at first that your goal is to make good choices for the situations at hand, but the full extent of the story is unknown as well as the end goal. I think that this can also be a good thing though, because rather than following a rigid, linear story that is all mapped out, it leaves it open. I think this leads to a funnier tone in a lot of instances. The game could be improved by more narrative, a greater range of choices, and perhaps a slightly clearer goal/purpose.


    1. Comment for the 1.0 version:

      The goal of this game was to get through middle school and high school and the social choices that come with it that make us into who we are. The main mechanics in this game were choices on how to react to circumstances given, usually revolving around a social problem. I think the choices were intended to teach you how to make good life decisions. This game is fun because you get to see how you turn out, based on the decisions you make. It is interesting to see think about how your choices could affect the outcome of your life and your relationships. The only confusing part was during the beginning, wondering what the main goal of the game was, but that is answered as you play the game more. There seem to be some issues with the code that controls the score. It’s possible that the code is marked with single quotes which would make it visible in the text. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of playing.


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